Stress sucks. Plain and simple. Today it caused extreme pain in my ribcage. It seriously felt like I’d been shot *sigh* So not good. Cut my afternoon work to zero because I couldn’t move. Couldn’t lean forward, couldn’t change how I sat. I could just sit there and try to breathe. Guess tonight will be another late night to make up for it. Onto other news now (sounds like a newscaster!)Still no progress on ripping the DVD. I tried one but it had the screen size down so small if you played it on a tv later it would be like watching it on aRead More →

Tommy Salo @ Superskills 2002 – Skyreach Centre (c) Lis 2002 I found out today one of my favorite hockey players, Tommy Salo is retiring from professional hockey. Tommy is/was a great player and was one of the first guys I ever got to see play in person in 1999. A great goalie who was thoroughly underrated and one of the nicest guys I saw around the NHL and on the Edmonton Oilers. It was such a shame when he was dealt to Colorado and left the NHL at the end of last season to go play for MoDo in the Swedish Elite League.So toRead More →

First off, if anyone can recommend a good program to rip DVDs, could you please leave me a comment or email? We got some home videos on DVD last night that I’d like to rip and put on a VCD for myself but I’m clueless about how to do it :o) So any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Second, WWE Smackdown’s coming here May 31st to be televised. I’m on the fence about going. The thought that Randy may be on Smackdown permanently by then is tempting me (a lot!!!) as well as it could be the last time to see Taker in person.Read More →

Random musings, rants and raves… ~ Went through and cleaned up some of the blog today. I want to add a link to the side today but not sure I will or not, because I don’t know how much longer this website is going to be up.Anyway: Brent’s presenting the cheque on Friday @ 1 pm mountain time to the Cross Cancer Institute along with I think some or most of the men who played in the game. Be interesting to see how much money these men raised for such a great cause. ~ What else…went out for dinner at a friend’s last night.Read More →

Isn’t that original? hehe Well first off, if anyone out there know’s how to put the links so that they show up when I publish the blog, please leave a comment. I can get them to show up in preview and then when I hit republish, they disappear. I can’t figure it out and I doubt I’m ever meant to :o) Second ramble of the evening, wrestling related so feel free to skip if your not a wwe fan. It was so great to see The Rockers together again! Shawn was jumping around and you could tell he was truly happy (and so cool toRead More →

Another strange weird day in the life of Lis… Never mind its two years to the Thursday I last got to see 44 play hockey in person -in an Islanders uniform no less 🙁 – the day still sucked. In the mail today was a lovely jury summons form. Woohoo *insert sarcasm here*. I think this is the first time in 16 years I’ll be fully embracing my panic attacks. Yes indeedy. I looked at the printed out stack of the first draft of Something To Talk About, the lovely draft that’s over a year or more old…okay probably closer to two…Its way different thanRead More →

Remember how I said I was getting the itch to query agents again on TPH? Well turns out didn’t need to query, just needed to wait for some of them to read their email. Checked the inbox this morning on my business account and found a request for the first 75 pages. Yay! She’d like to see it in April so that gives me time to finish off STTA and polish the pages on TPH.So excited about that. Funny how that bit of good news makes me feel better about the writing. I was sinking a bit into the ‘bad’ side of things, how crummyRead More →

A writer’s best friend? *shrug* Might just be in my case. I’m about 8K words shy of my 60,000 total though if I’m a few hundred or even 1000 short I’m not going to push myself for filler.Because I may have enough as it is. This is the second manuscript of mine that refused to cooperate and tell the story in order [Last one being Her Protector]. I know Temptation did that to me too and look where it got me, stuck in a corner though I am going to go back and start rewriting it from the beginning (is that a chorus of boosRead More →

A rambling word or two about agents.I’m beginning to think there should be a support group for us writers who are querying them. Right now I’ve got two partials out, one that was requested and one that I sent in in a query package (its been out since Mid November I think) and I’m seriously contemplating sending more out.This proves I’m insane.Before I had the lack of stamps to hold myself back, but now that I’ve got another 10 shiny 60 cent US stamps in my drawer I’ve got the urge to start sending out queries right and left. There’s two agents who I’ve neverRead More →

InsomniaLast night was night #4 of my bout of insomnia. Not minding it so much since I seem to be able to get some more pages done on STTA. Yay on that. But its weird not crawling into bed before 4 am most nights. Some parts of the story are going along well, the one big major part where I need Jason to spring the whole Friends With Benefits idea on her however is nowhere near what it should be. Oh well, give it some time while I put the rest of the story together and then go back to it later I guess. NuffRead More →