Happy Weekend…Happy Saturday all!I’m hoping the rest of the day/weekend is better than so far. Just spent five hours installing, uninstalling, reinstalling and updating Norton Internet Security 2005. *feel the excitement* Its sooo annoying to have to stop and reboot after every little thing it seems. I counted 8 reboots and I think that wasn’t even all of them. The worst part was/is I couldn’t get much done while it was downloading so no email, no websites, nothing. So I grabbed a hard copy of chapter 2 which now will bleed into chapter 3 and started rewriting. Weird random piece of Lissy trivia, I seemRead More →

Hmmm, a girl could get used to this…Last night I decided I didn’t feel like staying home so went out to the hockey game. It actually wasn’t too bad if you stayed near the bonfires. So we’re out there and checked the auctions, I’m in the lead on the Kipper picture *happy dance* that baby’s going to look great above my monitor :o) So we move from the one bonfire at the far end of the rink down to the one near the zamboni entrance and dad’s talking to his friends out there and one of the volunteers tells him that a 40 foot HummerRead More →

Two entries in one day…feel the luv…or sheer boredom :o)On a break from writing/editing right now, woohoo lolWhat to do what to say… Hmmm, well waiting till Rodney’s on tonight. I luv that show. Ever since the Xmas episode its been my #1 show (other than RAW of coursey course) Might pop in a wwe dvd later and see if that shakes free any creativity. I think I’m about 27,000 words shy of finishing the book *groan* and I’m definitely stressing about it. First chapter seems okay, second chapter still hasn’t come back from being proofed in the early stages and 3 seems laggy andRead More →

I’m bored…RAW ended forty five minutes ago…I still think Flair’s behind the whole Smackdown stalking Batista angle because really…JBL just isn’t this smart. He probably hired the driver and its just such a coincidence that pile of boxes was RIGHT there for Triple H to push Batista into. Yeah uh huh…So I’ve got 15 minutes to kill till the Bachelorette starts. Woohoo, tonight’s the overnight dates which should prove interesting. I think from the previews one of them mentions Andrew (uh oh) so should be worth watching (I still like Andrew though, he was cute).Writing update – hitting 32000 words, probably stay up most ofRead More →

Procrastination – A Writer’s Best FriendSo here I am, researching cell phones, checking email and doing anything to avoid trying to name Vin, Ava and Mimi. I need last names for the 3 and can’t come up with a single one. Vin’s really stumping me because I can’t have a name with a N in it and that’s all I keep coming up with. Joyful… I’ve got chapter 2 pretty well mapped out, still need to smooth out a couple scenes but I’m gonna plow ahead and do that later. 3 might not be bad and 4 should fall into place. Ate lunch and editedRead More →

Yadda Yadda Yadda…I’m stalling on chapter two of STTA a little, have the *gasp* sex scene (or lead up anyways) out to two readers to look it over and see what they think. So far one says its hot and did a few corrections to it…mostly commas, word choice. I might leave it the way it is though since its still in my voice…have to see…Other than that, spent my Friday night at the worlds longest hockey game.www.worldslongestgame.com Hit the link and take a look…its really something. 40 guys playing 240 hours of hockey to raise money for the cross cancer institute. And Brent’s playingRead More →

Time to start the party… Chapter One of Something To Talk About (or as I called it, the one that’s freaking worse than Temptation – haha funny since its targeted towards the Temptation line. Irony huh??) is near done. Done in my head right now anyways, I just need to layer in some description later. But as it stands now, I’m on to chapter 2 the love scene *fun*…so yeah…this should get interesting… ~LisRead More →

Thinking, thinking, thinking… Watching RAW tonight as Randy got concussion #3 in a week it hit me, I’m attracted to injured guys. What does that say about me?? Shawn = back, knees J = back, knee Randy = shoulder, and now concussions… Strange. Writing update: Went to my usual Monday afternoon writers chat and asked the girls there their opinion of the opening paragraph on the synopsis. All agreed it sounded okay (phew) and that the game probably takes place outside of their home. So I decided to set Chapter One in some rented out VIP room of some hot new club. Only problem isRead More →

I knew it was coming… Somehow I knew I’d be getting a rejection letter today. But I figured it would be from the agent I cold queried with a partial of HP. Instead it was from Paige *sigh* So my top agent pick isn’t interested and even better, it was a form Rejection. Though she did cross out dear author and write Lisa above it. Just wish she’d written a reason or something. But she did get back really fast since I mailed it like January 22nd or so. Oh well.. So I did what any other wannabe did, sent out another 3 equeries. OneRead More →

Those crazy Finns… Click the link and look at the first picture of good ol’ 44… http://www.oulunkarpat.fi/ottelut.php?edellinen=1&id;=156 Advertising on the butt…what’s next? ;o)Read More →